The Museum

The newly founded museum KaFF „Kunst am Fluss Fischerhude“ (Art by the River – Fischerhude) is situated in the rebuild half-timbered barn of one of the village’s oldest farmsteads right by the river WĂĽmme. Part of the KaFF is the archive of the painter Werner Zöhl. The artist’s family has founded the museum and archive in order to preserve Zöhl’s work and make it permanently accessible to the public. The KaFF regularly shows special exhibitions which focus either on different aspects of Zöhl’s oeuvre. Moreover we we are planning to present shows involving other artists of the same period as well as special events with lectures or music.

Das Archiv Werner Zöhl (1926-2012)

The Werner Zöhl Archive which is situated in the same building is the new home of Zöhl’s large oeuvre of more than 8000 paintings, pastels, water colours, wood cuts and drawings. The archive also offers the opportunity for individual showings. Further information on the archive and individual appointments can be found here.