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Current Exhibition: 

»Werner Zöhl – Unbeirrt«  in celebration of the artist’s 90. birthday

11. December 2016 until June 2017

In celebration of Werner Zöhl’s 90. birthday KaFF presents the first exhibition on the development and the work groups of the artist

The subject of the exhibition is also presented in the first issue of the projected publication series “KaFF Editionen”: Ina Nettekoven, Werner Zöhl. Unbeirrt.

17th June: Opening »Durchsichtig und verdichtet«

On Friday 17th June the museum opens with a selection of works by Werner Zöhl »Durchsichtig und verdichtet« 

June – November 2016

Invitation for a visit with free admission
17. bis 19. Juni, 14:00 bis 19:00 Uhr

from November on: for 90th birthday of Werner Zöhl

For Werner Zöhl’s 90. birthday, the first exhibition which will be accompanied by a catalogue opens in November